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A day after hearing hours of impassioned testimony from a divided trucking coach outlet canada industry, California air quality regulators on Friday postponed deadlines for aging heavy duty trucks to comply with the nation's toughest diesel air pollution rules. The action by the state Air Resources Board will give small fleets, lightly used trucks and those operating in rural areas more time to upgrade to newer, cleaner models or install filters to remove soot from their exhaust. Officials say the changes will slow pollution cuts for several years but coach factory canada still allow the state to reach its goal of cutting diesel emissions 85% by 2020.It's official: Breathing dirty air causes lung cancer. The World Health Organization on Thursday declared air pollution a human carcinogen like tobacco smoke, asbestos and arsenic, calling coach outlet online a leading cause of cancer deaths globally. Health experts have known for years that air pollution increases the risk of a wide range of ailments, including respiratory problems and heart disease. air pollution levels.A new project being launched on Wednesday will bring concerns about air pollution near Southern California oil refineries very close to home. The environmental group cheap coach bags Coalition For a Safe Environment earlier this week installed a air quality monitor on the roof of a family's home just across the fence from the Phillips 66 refinery in Wilmington.