Based in the community of Gabriola Island, in British Columbia, The Lulu Performing Arts Society exists to promote artistic expression and inquiry through presentation, education, and collaboration. Lulu is multi-disciplinary, supporting both established and emerging artists who work across a variety of genres, styles and media. Lulu is adventurous, exploring new media, sound art, alternative spaces, and commissioning new work. Lulu is a bridge, providing an inclusive framework for artist and community to fully engage one another.
Two New Frameworks:

Community Curation
is basically a "standing" invitation to the Gabriola community to co-produce concerts with us based on their own connections to performing artists.  This model both facilitates a sharing of the workload, and is another way to connect with the community, and what the community wants. How has it worked?

(It. for "with simplicity" is term found in classical music: we adopted it to mean "substance in smaller forms") was launched this past April 28th to create a platform for local and regional artists that is simpler: a little shorter, more affordable, and at a convenient time of day before dinner.  The "mini-poll" taken during the concert confirmed that 5pm works well. It's also a good way to collaborate with Island restaurants.

Leah Hokanson, Artistic Director

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